The best and worst new words of 2014

"I totes thought that dude was, like, totally rad. My bad bae, I didn’t mean to make it awks but like YOLO, right? I’ll unfriend him on facey and stop liking his insty posts. Soz, I’m tires, let’s talk tomoz? Yah? Amaze.”

Does that paragraph make you cringe? Sometimes it feels like the English language is falling apart.

As somewhat of a traditionalist I refused to use abbreviations for many, many years. Because of this it took me a long time to recognise any of the words of my generation.

Now, a little older and a lot less strict, some have worked their way in. I’ve had to alter my whole stance on the language evolution issue. Instead of discarding all new words I've come to seriously embrace a few. Who can claim to be a word nerd if you don’t nerd out on the beauty of our changing language?

Since it's almost the end of 2014, here's a few of the best and worst new words. Because who doesn't love a 'This Year in Review' post?

Some of the best


Possibly the best word ever invented. Soz is the much less serious and far more fun-loving, flippant version of sorry. It’s a way to apologise while still making light of a situation. It just sounds so good rolling off the tongue.

For example: “I couldn’t make it last night because I was washing my hair. Soz!”


This isn’t a new word at all, but the way it’s used has changed in recent years. Instead of saying: "That burrito looks amazing", you can now use fewer syllables and get to eating your burrito faster (after you’ve taken a photo for insty).

For example: “I can’t get over how amaze the latest ep of The Walking Dead was.”


It’s becoming clear that I really like the letter Z. It’s all about the zeeee sound. Tomoz is short for tomorrow. Because shorter is always better, obvs. Tomoz sounds like a dodgy pharmaceutical drug company name, but in a good way.

..and some of the worst


This wins worst word easily. Hands down. YOLO (You Only Live Once) was recently added to Oxford Dictionaries - the online (and much less strict) version of the Oxford Dictionary. Also famous for legitimising selfie and duck face.

I just can’t get onboard with this one. Firstly, it’s not even a word. It’s an acronym. Secondly, it's pointless. Of course you only live once. I don’t think this warrants a reminder.


A term of endearment. Similar to girlfriend/boyfriend or babe. I noticed this working its way into my friends' vocabulary and social media over the past year.


To be jealous of something. Should never be used in the place of jelly. Jel was also added to Oxford Dictionaries this year although apparently originates from the 90s.

For example: "I’m well jel of your new Converse shoes".

Bonus (not taking sides with these ones)

Jelly: to be jealous. For example: "I got a pug dog today!" "Oh man! I'm so jelly!"
Insty: A.K.A. Instagram. A photo-sharing social media app
Yom: to think something is yum or yummy. Simply delicious. Origin: unknown. Circa 2008.
Obvs: short for obviously.

I totes want to hear your best and worst new words from 2014. Comment below.

***Disclaimer: I am usually a very sensible writer. Promise. My spell-check and Grammarly are having a heart attack right now. Soz!